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:bulletred: Champion Icons

Made by frolof and karito13

:bulletpurple: Riot employees on dA:

nikasaur, Zeronis, yumedust, IronStylus, omonteon,
MissMaddyTaylor, sstrikerr, The-Bravo-Ray, Knockwurst,
eoinart, HecM




Sion, the Undead Juggernaut

RIOT OWNS! by sub-frolofRIOT OWNS! by sub-frolof

Its about damn time if you ask me.
Here is the relaunch of our old undead friend!

In this journal i will also reveal my new champion
reveal design!

:bulletblack: Passive: Glory in Death:

Sion turns berserk once he loses all his health, gaining a full life bar along with significant attack damage, attack speed and lifesteal as he bleeds out. His abilities are all replaced by Death Surge, which gives him a huge but brief movement speed boost. Sion dies once his health drains out.

:bulletblack: Q: Decimating Smash:

Sion plants his feet, rooting himself as he winds up and swings his axe in a broad area before him. Decimating Smash deals increasing damage the longer it’s charged, and once it’s at least half-charged, knocks up all caught enemies when unleashed.

:bulletblack: W: Soul Furnace:

Passive: Sion earns bonus max health every time he kills a unit, doubled against champions and monsters.

Active: Sion creates a bloody shield around him. If the shield stays intact for its duration, it explodes, dealing magic damage plus a percentage of enemies max heath to all nearby enemies. Sion can also detonate the shield early by reactivating the ability.

:bulletblack: E: Roar of the Slayer:

Sion bellows in a target direction, damaging, slowing and shredding the armor of the first enemy struck. If Roar of the Slayer hits an enemy minion or jungle monster, Sion’s scream also knocks them back a significant distance. The thrown minion or monster then damages and slows all other enemy units hit.

:bulletblack: R: Unstoppable onslaught:

Sion starts charging in a target direction, building up speed and damage as he moves and trampling enemy minions along his path. He can cancel his charge early, at which point he slams the ground, dealing area of effect damage to all nearby enemies.

Otherwise, Sion charges an extremely long distance, only stopping once he hits an enemy champion, wall, or reaches the end of his charge. If Sion charges into an enemy champion, he knocks them up and deals area of effect damage; if he hits a wall, Sion stuns himself briefly and deals area of effect damage around him.


Official reveal
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